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My name is Jason Petry, and I created this new web site to host various personal projects. It's not much to look at at the moment, but I plan to add some new stuff soon.

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A Grab Bag

I have a variety of interests, ranging from computer technology to Old English and everything in between, but most likely this web page will focus mostly on using my primary leasure activity, tabletop roleplaying, as an excuse to explore and keep current with various modern web technologies, most especially those related to application security. My current job responsibilities don't give me much "hands on keyboard" time, so I like to keep up with all the latest new shinies of the web.

(805) 358-8645

What I'd like to do

Plone 5

Done: I've installed Plone 5 on this box, available here. Currently, this is a pretty bare install, not much in the way of content. I have some older Plone content I need to migrate, but this will take some time.


I've come to think of the SP800-53r4 control catalog as probably the best source of specific actions and defenses you can implement to protect your data. And it's free, because it's made by the Feds. I've got some ideas of ways I can play with the Pyramid Web framework to display and cross link some of the SP800-53 data.

The dreaded Single Page Application

In general, I look at modern front-end web development as a cesspool, but Ember.js seems like a framework I can tolerate, and I'd like to create a reasonable SPA to better understand the nuances of the approach. May make a character generator for one or more RPG's.


Interested in exploring more about WebAuthn standards, and OIDC, and in general all the different ways of identifying someone enough that you can sort of trust them in the wild-wooly interwebs.

Let's Get In Touch!

I try not to give out my email address, but my Google+ and facebook profiles are below; you can contact me through these.